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Friday, February 27, 2009

Future Ex-Eagles Looking For Homes

Possibly the best news in free agency that I've heard so far is that the Atlanta Falcons are taking a good look at L.J. Smith. I think that's awesome. What better way to assist in ruining a potentially great quarterback in Matt Ryan, than to give him a player with no heart, questionable hands, and the ability to become invisible in the middle of a football field? As of 2:23, I still haven't heard whether or not Buckhalter is a Bronco. I like the guy and the player and think that would be a good fit for him, as long as he gets more playing time than he got here. I read a rumor that Denver was also looking at J.J. Arrington, but I think they'll lean towards Buck.

On another note...does anybody think that the Eagles will sign Stacy Andrews as insurance that Shawn will want to come back and play next to his brother? I think so.

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