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Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Jay Cutler the New Brett Favre

When Brett Favre was retiring, then unretiring, then retiring again only to play for the New York Jets he was constantly in the news. ESPN was camped out on his lawn, wearing Wranglers, and hoping that the Ragin' Cajun would give them a glimpse for what they came. Now, Favre is gone to be Brett Favre, at least for the time being, and the sports minds that be must have very little to focus on. In comes Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler wasn't setting the media world on fire through last season as he was viewed as an up and coming star as the franchise quarterback of the Denver Broncos. But when Mike Shanahan was let go and Josh McDaniels brought in as coach, oh boy, they gave 'em somthing to talk about and the Denver soap opera began.

Reports were coming out that McDaniels didn't want Cutler as his QB, that he wanted his good buddy Matt Cassel. That made Jay cry and want to leave. That made the Broncos say that they like Jay Cutler and that Cutler and McDaniels are BFFs. One text leads to another. Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels aren't talking 'cause Josh asked Jay's girl to the prom....and so on. And in the meantime, Brett is walkin on crawdaddys wondering where all the cameras are.

Neither McDaniels nor "Big Baby" Cutler are as big a media hound at Favre, but they're both quick growing pups. If Jay wants to save his reputation for being a man, not the man, just a man, he should quit whining and get ready to do his job. If it wasn't for the drama, essentially caused by him, then sports media outlets wouldn't portray him as someone who want to grab his balls and go home because he's not happy. He needs to understand that a coach wants to put in his people if he can but generally has to work with what he's got and if all he's got is an insecure, super-privileged, Brett Favre-like egomaniac at quarterback, then so be it.

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