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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Eagles Rumors....

Braylon Edwards is not the only name that has recently been connected in rumors linked to the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason Peters, Pro Bowl offensive tackle of the Buffalo Bills possibly has a higher chance than Edwards to be a Bird next season. The Bills and Peters have been in an ongoing dispute over his contract and he would fit in nicely on the Eagles offensive line answering any questions as to who will fill the void left by Tre Thomas’s departure. Philly had shelled out a good deal of money for Jon Runyan when he was a free agent, so they might be willing to redo Peters’ contract to give him a deal he’s satisfied with. Whether that contract will be anything close to the 6 year, 60 million dollar deal Jordan Gross received from the Panthers is only known to Joe Banner.

Tony Gonzalez is back in the news wanting a trade again, and again the Eagles are a potential landing point for the Pro Bowl tight end. If the Chiefs are asking for a fifth round pick for Tony, then the Eagles might listen, anything else would be too much. Gonzalez, who is 33, is still a viable offensive option, reaching 1,000 yards receiving last year. Obtaining Gonzalez would give Brent Celek another year to progress and would open up a day one draft pick for the Eagles at least for 2009. Tony’s age and salary could be determining factors in whether the Eagles make a trade for the Chief or look to get a tight end in the draft.

Of the three guys, including Edwards, Peters is the guy most intriguing. I have read a lot negative comments from Buffalo fans regarding just how good he is but I am not all that familiar with either his contract situation or his play on the field. On paper, he looks like the best of the three to pick up, but on grass he has the greatest potential to be a mistake.

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